Thursday, December 3, 2009

Buying Mah Flight

So after much browsing the 'net and some wringing of hands and doubling checking I'm not actually signed up to study in Guangzhou, I bought a flight! Woo-hoo! On Jan. 12 I am flying from JFK to LAX, then from LAX to NAN (Fiji) and from NAN to AKL (Auckland, New Zealand)! And at a mere $995! I opted for the $50 traveler's insurance, because it seemed like a good deal, I'll have to make sure to lose some bags or have a heart murmur so I get my money's worth. Honestly though, that price was by far the best I found in the past 2 weeks at least. is the place where I found the best prices, and its also easier to use. The best price (before taxes and fees) on was $1200.

But now, as usual I feel as though I may have fucked myself because Auckland is a lot farther away from the South Island (which I heard has all this cool shit I want to do) than I thought. And the study abroad people now want to know when to pick me up in Brisbane and when I'm leaving and I do not have answers to either of those questions! Wazzafuck...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Frontier Psychiatry

So right now I'm in the library of my campus, SUNY Geneseo, simultaneously avoiding monumentous amounts of work, listening to awesome music, celebrating the fact that it's Thursday (the start of my weekend) and getting pumped to go New Zealand and Australia next semester. I'm a good multi-tasker I guess.

Why Australia? Well...

I don't speak any languages other than English

They have the second best Communication and Film opportunities than the U.S.

It's warm with lots of beach.

It's far, far, fucking far away

The accent is friggin awesome

Kangaroos, the great barrier reef, the biggest rock in the world, MEGAFAUNA, walkabouts, not to mention everyone is hot, some of the best surfing, i think there might be camels too....oh and kangaroos


As much as I'd enjoy talking about myself on and on, this blog is about my abroad experience, so that's what I'll stick to. I guess just know that I love traveling, trying new things, meeting new people, getting shit scared, cracking (at times highly inappropriate) jokes, picking up bizarre skills and information as I go, and of course having an awesome time and getting weird looks from lame-os!

I've been accepted into a program at Griffith Film School located in Brisbane, Australia and now I'm going through a bunch of bureacratic bowlshit to avoid getting bumped from the program. I feel like I'm constantly walking on eggshells with this whole thing, "Oops you forgot to fill out Release Form B3-D, but Jimmy Perfectstudent didn't....PEACE COLIN! We got better prospects and people who are schmesponsible!"

I'll get more into the clusterfuck that is this process later. But now I must eat some quesadillas and stir-fry and cupcakes and spinach. but not cottage cheese. never cottage cheese.