Thursday, December 3, 2009

Buying Mah Flight

So after much browsing the 'net and some wringing of hands and doubling checking I'm not actually signed up to study in Guangzhou, I bought a flight! Woo-hoo! On Jan. 12 I am flying from JFK to LAX, then from LAX to NAN (Fiji) and from NAN to AKL (Auckland, New Zealand)! And at a mere $995! I opted for the $50 traveler's insurance, because it seemed like a good deal, I'll have to make sure to lose some bags or have a heart murmur so I get my money's worth. Honestly though, that price was by far the best I found in the past 2 weeks at least. is the place where I found the best prices, and its also easier to use. The best price (before taxes and fees) on was $1200.

But now, as usual I feel as though I may have fucked myself because Auckland is a lot farther away from the South Island (which I heard has all this cool shit I want to do) than I thought. And the study abroad people now want to know when to pick me up in Brisbane and when I'm leaving and I do not have answers to either of those questions! Wazzafuck...